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Claimed and nourished by Christ, we share God's transforming love with all.

Teams at Immanuel Lutheran Church

There are many areas where you can help in church operations and ministries. God has given each Christian two vitally important gifts. The first is the gift of faith in Jesus Christ, his work of redemption, and thus forgiveness of sin. The second is the gift of one or more special abilities, which are to be used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of God's Kingdom. These abilities are called spiritual gifts and they are received through our baptism. The ELCA has a Spiritual Gifts Assessment, if you would like to find out which team your gift(s) would best be suited for.

Care Corps.   Participates in visitation to members who are homebound.

Meets as needed.

Church Council   The Council oversees the operations of the church.

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

Christian Education   Members of the Christian Education Team meet for the spiritual educational needs of Immanuel members- both young and old.

Meets on the 4th Thursday at 6:30 pm on All Committee Night.

Communications and Evangelism   This team will make sure there is a continuous communication process that ensures the congregation feels fully informed at all times. It also overlooks the web page, our Newsletter The Light.

Evangelism is all about reaching out and touching the lives of those around us, so that all may take part in the wonderful message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Meets on the 4th Thursday at 6:30 pm on All Committee Night.
Meetings: As needed

Endowment   The Endowment Fund overlooks the investments of the church. This team also encourages the youth of Immanuel to attend a summer Bible Camp by paying a portion of the fee. To help sponsor our youth and further funding of similar programs, donations can be made to The Endowment Fund.

Meets as needed.

Fellowship & Recreation   This team coordinates the fellowship activities of Immanuel by promoting the development of Christian relationships among the members though various social gathering and recreational activities.

Meets on the 4th Thursday at 6:30 pm on All Committee Night.

Finance   The Finance Team prepares and presents the budget for the upcoming year. This team also monitors the financial situation of the church.

Members: Treasurer, Financial Secretary, President, Pastor

Meets monthly, generally at 5:45 pm before the monthly Council meeting.

Good Grief   A social group involved with mutual support related to grieving in all aspects of life.

Meets monthly for lunch at a local restaurant.

Health Ministry Team   Parish Health Ministry is a ministry of Christian service shaped by Christ's concern for all aspects of the human condition, which concentrates on the specific needs that relate to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of its members and to the wider community.

Meets as needed.

Memorial   Oversees Memorial Funds. Identifies and uses the funds in the manner in which the donors intend.

Meets as needed.

MOPs   MOPs is the acronym for Mother's Of Pre-Schoolers. Mothers are able to take time for themselves by connecting with other preschool Moms. While the mothers are together, caregivers are caring for their infants and toddlers. Games, crafts and snacks are provided for both mother and child.

MOPs meets two Thursday mornings per month.

Nominating   This team contacts Immanuel members regarding their consideration for service on the Congregation Council, the Endowment Team and as delegates to the Synod Convention.

Meets as needed.

Prayer Ministry   A group of members dedicated to praying for those in need.

Information is shared by email.

Property   The Property Team is responsible for the upkeep of the church building and property.

Meets quarterly.

Social Ministry   Immanuel's Social Ministry Team is charged with extending Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, the aged, the orphaned, the underprivileged, the imprisoned, and, in general, to persons of all ages in need of aid in body and soul. The Team strives to enlist as many people as possible from the congregation in these efforts. The Team is to study social conditions, primarily in the local community, in order to bring the cleansing and healing light of Christ's truth to bear upon critical problems through thoughtful discussion, and action upon, facts and issues relating to social needs and justice.

Meets the 1st Monday of the month.

Stewardship   Stewardship is about sharing what God has given us, our time, talents and treasurers. The Stewardship Team is here to help teach people about our responsibilities as followers of Christ. We all are granted many gifts. We all have a lot to share. What gifts are you willing to share?

Meets on the 4th Thursday at 6:30 pm on All Committee Night.

Worship and Music   The team's main function is to ensure that the members of Immanuel are provided with the opportunity for meaningful worship by the selection of various worship formats and music.

Meets quarterly.

Worship Service   Coordinates and sechedules service opportunities in worship: Greeters, Acolytes, Ushers, Lectors.

Youth Ministry   Our Mission is to grow in faith and respond to God's love through learning and discussion, service and fellowship.

Meets weekly or as needed.